Prison Ministry


Ps. Stephen Grosser

Prison Chaplain

Over half the 9,000 prisoners in QLD are incarcerated within 15 mins of Springfield . For every one of those men and women in jail, it represents a family without a son or daughter, father or mother, or husband or wife.

Prison ministry helps meet the needs of those in and out of jail by offering hope to those who are lost, a listening ear to those who are struggling or someone to help them show them the love of Christ.

Join Prison Ministry make a change to those in jail…there are a number of opportunities where you can help:

  • Chapel Visit - SCF Prison Ministry leads Chapel Services every 5 weeks at Borallon Training and Correctional Centre. Chapel provides a great opportunity for you to use your musical gifts to sing, play an instrument or pray.

  • Letter Writing - We encourage letter writing to prisoners as we have found those who keep in contact with family and friends often more successful, and cope better on release - and are less likely to reoffend.

  • Financial Support - The goal of SCF Prison Ministry is to raise $10,000 per year to support the ministry meet the needs of prisoners and their families. Each prisoner released can incur out of pocket expenses, such as renewing their drivers licence, purchasing GO Cards to travel to Probation and Parole or buying personal items like a hot water jug or blankets. Please Note: all donations are Tax Deductible

  • Prayer - For any prison ministry to be truly effective, it must have a solid foundation of prayer. In prayer we call upon God for resources that He alone can provide in our battle against the spiritual forces of darkness. Prisoners desperately need prayer for themselves, their families, and their future reentry back into society.

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